donderdag 14 april 2011


A telescope was on my to-do-list for a very long time
and when I started with my tower
I knew the roof terrace would be a good spot for a nice telescope!
I used most of the day yesterday looking for parts and trying different parts on different spots
and at the end of the afternoon I was finally satisfied with the result!
this morning I attached the last gears and decoration pieces
and I think it was worth all the trouble and frustration......
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course there immediately was a volunteer for trying the telescope....
but I'm wondering if he was looking for stars...
the telescope was suspiciously aimed at the neighbor's bedroom window

Some photos...of the telescope that is...not of the neighbor


I bought some more dragons for my tower!
2 little ones by The Mini Dragon Queen

And a babydragon in an acorncup by Feythcrafts

Yesterday a friend visited and she gave me this lobster.... 
She didn't have room for it anymore in her dollshouse.
But he won't go into the tower...
I will find another nice spot for him

4 opmerkingen:

Margriet zei heb ik de engelse versie hier gezet...nou nederlandse staat op het Kladblog ;-)

Janice zei

I just adore this telescope. I was certainly worth the effort it is fabulous!!

I too have some of Tracey's dragons from Feythcrafts, they are great. I was lucky enough to persuade tracey to make me an adult 12th scale dragon for my witch house and he is super.

Freubs zei

Ik vind hem nog steeds erg mooi. Je hebt erg je best gedaan om de juiste onderdelen bij elkaar te vinden.

Heleni zei

Oh wat een indrukwekkende telescoop Margriet. Knap gemaakt hoor...

groet Heleni